The Rabbit Back Literature Society

By Pasi Ilmari Jaaskelainen.

Author Jaaskelainen’s first book translated into English is a cracker and one that is sure to win him many, many fans for this Twin Peaksesque tale from a small Finnish town.

Substitute literature teacher Ella Milana becomes aware of a strange literary virus affecting the books in the town, where words rearrange themselves and some of the world’s most famous works find themselves going in entirely different directions. For example Aslan saves everyone a lot of trouble by chewing the head of the White Witch early in the story of The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe!

Ella is invited to join The Society – Rabbit Back’s book club – run by Laura White a strangely enigmatic and sinister author who has mentored the nine other talented members of the club and helped turn them all into published writers. But Laura mysteriously disappears on the evening of Ella’s welcoming party and she turns detective to try to find out what happened to her and the unsettling truth behind The Society itself.

With well-rounded and interesting characters and a fantasy sci-fi feel around the plot, this funny, but at the same time dark, novel is sure to lure readers into the ‘couldn’t put it down’ mode very quickly indeed.

4/5 Stars

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