Whether you’re a Forth Valley College student who bops to Beyonce, jives to JayZ or moshes it up to the Melvins – Fusion wants to hear from you.

This new section of your online student magazine is encouraging FVC music fans to send in your gig, album and download reviews of your favourite bands, singers and performers, so we can see what is tickling your fancy on your earphones.

You can either send in a 100-250 word review including the name of the band/artist, name of the gig venue and date, name of the album or release and your mark out of five stars. Remember to include your name and what course you are on as well.

It would be great if you could take your own photographs of: yourself at the gig, or listening to the music you are reviewing, or holding the album up to the camera, and send them in for us to use along with your written review. Technically savvy music fans might also want to record their review talking on camera and send us the link which we can post in these pages.

So why not tune in, rock out and write a review for Fusion!

Send your reviews to .