Forth Valley College Open Badges

Open Badges are a new online method of accreditation developed by Mozilla which can be used to reward any achievement. Forth Valley College Open Badges have been set up by the Student Association in order to reward the extra-curricular activities which a number of our students take part in throughout their time at the college.

There are three key areas for the badges, which are representation, community and development. Within each area there are badges which cover a number of activities, such as the Class Rep Badge, Creative Learning Badge and the Volunteering Silver Badge.

The idea behind setting up the Badge framework was to help make our students stand out in future, whether it is when applying for work, university or even just as a method to encourage personal development. Badges can be earned by uploading a short evaluation on the experience which the student has had relevant to the badge, and identifying their personal growth from the experience, in the hope that when it comes to a job interview or an interview for further education they can use this reflective practice and confidently answer any questions.

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