Saving For Summer

Don't get frazzled by money worries this Summer

With the second half of the academic year already passing by, it is important to consider the summer months ahead. As a student many of us will have little or no income over the summer period, which will impact on our leisure time and activities.

To ensure that you make the most of your summer and are able to do all the things you want to over the summer break it is important to act now and start saving.

The Student Association, in partnership with the Stirling Credit Union, will be offering Forth Valley College students the chance to join the Stirling Credit Union to help you to start saving. Over the next few weeks we will be setting up a part-time Credit Union within the Stirling S.A Office for a few hours a week.

The credit union operates similar to a bank; you can access your money via a cash card and transfer money by phone or other methods allowing you to have full access to your cash when you need it. You can also check your balance online allowing you to monitor your savings effectively. The benefit of the credit union over a bank is that they can lend small amounts of money, with flexible repayment time scales and reasonable interest rates, making it an affordable option for those unexpected expenses. Savers may also receive annual dividend payments if the Credit Union make a profit over the financial year.

So start saving today and sign up to the credit union – put money aside weekly or monthly and watch your savings grow ready for your summer plans. Save regularly and by direct debit and you will also be able to build up a credit rating should you ever need a loan.

For further information please refer to the Stirling Credit Union website

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