Get Course Kit For Less

With the return to college many of us students face the expense of new equipment for our courses. Anything from new laptops to sewing machines could be needed depending on which course you are enrolled in. For many this is just an expense which will eat into their bursary or student loan –but that’s what the money is there for right!

Well the answer to that is yes and no!

As a student who has been attending college for many years, I would suggest that you consider these purchases carefully and look at all the options. As an art student I have purchased many things from paints to a new sewing machine and as such I have found that it pays to shop around, particularly on-line.

Often you will find what you are looking for at a fraction of the retail cost by using price comparison sites to help find the best deal. Aside for this it is also important to consider nearly new goods, as many people buy something, never use it and sell it on at a fraction of the new cost.

In particular I am a big fan of eBay and over the years have saved pounds by buying pre-loved paints and materials at a fraction of the retail cost, allowing me to spend my money on the things I really want.

The most exciting website I have discovered thanks to Channel 4 is, which is a world wide website where you can post ads for things you want to give away as well as posting ads for things you need. Granted you won’t always find what you need, but it’s always worth trying as everything is free.

So before you jump in to any large purchases shop around and make your penny’s stretch as I am sure you could find a good use for money saved.

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