Movie Drive-In Beats Cinema Any Day of The Week

Fusion Contributor Nicole Tanner reviews M&D's Movie Drive-In

Movie Drive-In


Friday 31 October 2014

(I’ll be there next year for sure!)

Every year on the Halloween Weekend, M&D’s hosts a movie drive-in showing films ranging from Monsters University and Ghostbusters to Friday the 13th and The Conjuring.

I’ve always wanted to go to the movie drive-in, there is something so American about it, but I could never find anyone to go with me. Now that I’ve passed my test and got my own car, I decided that I would be going this year whether I found someone to come with me or not. Luckily for me, I found someone to come with me. So we decided to go see The Conjuring, which I saw at the cinema when it came out and thought it was pretty terrifying. My friend had never seen it though and he hates horror films, so I knew it was going to be an entertaining night for me. The film was due to start at 9pm so we arrived at 8:30pm to be greeted by a massive queue of traffic.

Around 9pm, we got parked up and ready to watch the film. We tuned our radios so we could hear the film and got our blankets on, our legs stretched out, and our munchies out. It was great, you can’t get that sort of comfort in the cinema and you could take your own food in (although I’m sure everyone does take food to the cinema, it meant you didn’t have to be so secretive).

The film started around 9:30pm. Right away I could tell I preferred it to the cinema. The sound wasn’t so loud it was blowing you away, and they didn’t have the air con on to freeze you into oblivion.

Half way through the film, someone (I’m not sure if she worked for M&D’s or just loved Halloween) came to the window dressed up as a scary doll. She banged on the window and stuck her face up close, staring into our souls. I was having the best time laughing at my friend terrified of the film until this happened. I was so terrified after it, I flinched at every shadow I saw go by, so this was an effective way to get people spooked.

The only down side was it was raining slightly so we had to keep the window wipers on, but they were barely noticeable after 10 minutes of viewing.

Overall, I had an amazing time at the movie drive-in and would definitely, 100% recommend it to anyone. I can’t believe they only do it once a year! It was so busy (and that was only for one showing) they would be as well putting it on at least once a month, I would go all the time!

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