Interviews: Top Tips

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail

Are you about to head out into the world of work or searching for a part-time job for some extra cash over the summer?  Chances are you’ll have to undergo an interview to bag the job!

But before you let nerves get the better of you and turn into a quivering wreck (and consign yourself to failure) – check out our top tips for interviews:

Prepare.  Practice interview questions with your family or friends.   Think about the job and the types of questions that might come up.

Research.  This shows a real interest in the potential employer.

Be on time.  Or even better be early.

Don’t memorise a script. Try to have a conversation with your interviewer.

Choose your interview outfit.  Choose something neat, tidy appropriate for the job  you are applying to.

Ask some questions.  This is also your chance to find out if the job is right for you.

Try to stay calm.  No-one enjoys interviews but it’s important to be as relaxed as possible.  Prepare ahead and you’ll feel less stressed.

Be yourself!