Walking on Sunshine

With the British summer on its way (apparently, there will be less rain…) I have experimented with a new form of transport: my legs. Last week I opted to walk to the Alloa campus from my house in Tullibody to see if I could cope with the distance (and the Scottish weather). Surprising myself, I made it to college in one piece, albeit I was 20 minutes late.

Lateness aside, and the additional 10 minutes it took me to fix my hair on arrival, I feel that I could try walking to college again. Apart from the benefits of exercise, I met a few characters on my travels. It’s a very social experience, and I made it to college having had a good amount of exercise and chat.

I walked for 45 minutes and you can see the route I chose to take above.

Granted, I couldn’t walk all day afterwards, as I was exhausted – this explained my relief when I was offered a lift home (which isn’t cheating, as it’s car sharing). From my experience, I highly recommend that you have a go at walking/strolling/jogging to College. If college is too far away to walk, why not try sitting on the bus for less time, by getting off the bus a stop earlier than usual? The main benefit of my walk was that I didn’t feel guilty for ordering a full Scottish breakfast from the Alloa Refectory (plus 4 slices of toast).