FVC Chosen for ‘Think Positive’ Pilot

Forth Valley College has been invited, alongside Edinburgh College and the University of the West of Scotland to be part of a new and exciting pilot scheme, whereby each organisation will recruit and train three “think positive” student ambassadors, with the support and guidance of NUS and the “See Me” programme. This is a fantastic opportunity for all involved to raise awareness about Mental Health and the ways in which colleges and universities can support those affected.

The main objective of this initiative is to provide ambassadors with the skill and resources required to assist them in helping students who are facing mental health issues. Our ambassadors will be trained in:

  • Facilitating workshops
  • Activism and campaigning
  • Skills related to community organising
  • Scottish Mental Health First Aid
  • Any other areas identified

All of our ambassadors are voluntary and have a vested interest in Mental Health and making a difference, either on a personal level or are just keen to learn and be part of helping us break the cycle. Together and with the support of NUS and “See Me” we aim to ensure every student has equal and fair treatment regardless of any Mental Health issues they may have.