Eating healthy on a budget

Eating on a budget

Don’t buy into the myth that all students survive on pot noodles and take-aways. Check out our top tips for eating healthy on a budget and fuel your brain for less.

Plan your meals
Cut down on food waste by thinking ahead and planning your meals for the week. Include items you already have in your cupboards and fridge freezer which need to be used up.

Write a shopping list
Don’t make a trip to the shops without writing a list – and when you get there stick to it!

Don’t shop when you’re hungry
You’ll be much more tempted to buy items you don’t need.

Freeze leftovers
Rather than throw away food you don’t need, freeze any extra portions and you’ll soon have a stash of healthy meals in your freezer to stop you reaching for the take-away menu when you’re strapped for time.

Or eat them for lunch
You can avoid waste and know that you’re tucking into a healthy, home-cooked meal.

Consider frozen fruit and vegetables
Frozen fruit and veg is often much cheaper than their fresh counterparts but packed with just as much goodness and nutrients.

Grow your own
Green fingered? Consider growing your own fruit and vegetables. Free and healthy.

Consider store brands
Whilst we are often drawn to brands that we’re familiar with, they’re not always the most cost effective. Consider store brands which can be just as good.

Make smart choices
Meat and fish are some of the most expensive items in your shopping basket. Use vegetables and pulses to bulk out your recipes and you’ll notice a difference at the till.

Beware of offers
Yes it’s a great deal – but it’s not a bargain if it ends up in the bin. Only buy items you know you’ll use and be especially wary of fresh produce.

Use your coupons
Those coupons you get sent through the post? It’s worth checking them out to see if there’s any you can use.

Shop in the evening
Towards the end of the day, many shops will discount their fresh items. Just check use by dates and make sure you don’t buy anything you can’t use in time.

Shop online
Shopping online means you can look for deals and also keep a tally of your shopping bill.

Go digital
Browse the web for cheap, healthy recipes or look for apps to help you create meal plans and shopping lists.