Digital Detox

Digital Detox

Whether it’s our computer at work or college, binge watching a Netflix series, talking to friends 24/7 on WhatsApp or even stalking your ex on Instagram, from the moment we wake up to the moment we hit the pillow, we’re online.

Both children and adults are now spending record amounts of time on their digital devices and we all know the feeling of that instant panic and irrational FOMO that sets in when you think for a minute you’ve left your phone in the house.

Now more than ever studies are linking excessive usage of digital devices to poor mental health – so maybe it’s time we all take a break – enter the digital detox.

Ideally, a digital detox would mean no technology, but that might be a little off the deep end for you so here are a few suggestions to ease you in:

  • Charge your phone away from your bed to stop it disrupting your sleep and also prevent you from checking it during the night
  • Ban phones at the dinner table – after you take that all important shot of your food for the ‘gram put it away and focus on your family or friends
  • Download the iOS app ‘Moment’ which tracks how long you’ve been on your device and prompts you when you’ve been online too long
  • During your holiday try and keep away from your phone as much as possible and be present in the moment
  • Put your phone onto airplane mode while you’re in the gym or working out, that way you can still listen to your favourite tunes without keeping an eye out for notifications

So why not try out our digital detox tips and see how you get on!