You Said…We Did

Forth Valley College regularly holds Student Council Meetings to get feedback from students on the issues that matter to them. You can get the latest info on all the questions asked – and the action taken – with our new ‘You Said…We Did’ feature.

Q. A number of toilets facilities in the Falkirk campus are at times neglected by the cleaning staff, particularly the main toilets next to the Student Association Office. Is it possible for cleaning staff to clean the toilets more regularly? 

A. During the day, there is one member of cleaning staff responsible for maintaining the toilet facilities within the campus. Unfortunately this means that it may take some time for them to make their way back round all of the toilets in the building. If students and staff are unhappy with the cleanliness of the facilities, they are encouraged to inform reception staff or caretakers who will then put a call out to the cleaning staff.

Following this, cleaning rotas have now been introduced to all toilet facilities so that staff and students can see when the toilets were last attended to.

Q. The teaching rooms within the Falkirk Campus Business Department are very cold and at times this can make it difficult to work. What can be done about this?

A. A contractor has visited the College to have a look at these rooms and to see how they can be improved and number of windows have been replaced in this department. We will however continue to look into this to see where we can make further improvements.

More ‘You Said…We Did’ after the Christmas Break….

Have a great holiday everyone!

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