UCAS Personal Statement Advice

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Applying to university can be a big step, from choosing the right course, university and nailing that all important personal statement to make your application stand out from the crowd. With the UCAS deadline fast approaching (15 January 2020), we wanted to share with you the below pointers for writing your personal statement:

Do your research

Make sure you research your chosen universities as well as your selected course(s) in order to tailor your statement. Check which entry requirements, skills and qualities they would like you to have.

Don’t mention a specific university

You can only write one personal statement, so don’t mention a particular university. This makes your application biased and your other university choices may reject your application.

Give information on how your current studies relate to the course(s)

You want to explain why your current studies are relevant to your selected course and what they have in common.

Talk about your relevant personal attributes

Highlight some of your personal qualities that relate to what you are hoping to study and why you are suited to it.

Add in hobbies or activities

Including your hobbies or activities, such as volunteering can be very useful in demonstrating that you are interested in the subject and shows you are proactive.

Structure and proofing

Ensure your personal statement follows a clear structure and double check all spelling, grammar and punctuation.

Avoid Plagiarism

It’s crucial that your personal statement is all your own work and you don’t copy anyone else. UCAS screen all applications for plagiarism using a software called CopyCatch.

Stick to the limit

Keep to the guideline of 4,000 characters/47 lines.

If you are a college student looking to apply to university, you can also visit the dedicated area on Moodle for application advice. This information can be found via the Student Hub section on Moodle under Student Services here and provides a step-by-step guide on applying and UCAS materials, etc. You must register on this site to get the Buzzword for your UCAS application. Also, if you want to ensure your application is proofed by a Learner Advisor, you must be registered by 6 December 2019.

Good luck with your application!