Top tips for spring cleaning

Spring Cleaning

With the first signs of spring finally here, it’s time to declutter and freshen things up. We tend to hibernate over winter and don’t do as much cleaning due to the shorter daylight hours and cold weather but spring cleaning is a chance to refresh and get ready for the busy spring and summer months ahead.

We’ve been looking at top tips for spring cleaning to help get you started:

Work from room to room

Be systematic with your cleaning and tackle one room at a time or one area of your room at a time. Start a task and complete it before moving onto the next.

Find new homes for the books you’ve finished

We can all be bad for finishing a book and leaving it on a shelf to gather dust until the end of time. Why not find a new home for the books you’ve finished and pass it on to a friend?

Getting rid of gifts is OK

Many of us hang onto gifts we’ve been given out of feeling a sense of guilt. Getting rid of gifts is in fact OK if you’re not too keen on it, chances are you will never be too keen on it.

Be ruthless with your wardrobe

The majority of us are guilty of hoarding clothes.

The most popular rule seems to be that if it doesn’t fit you or you haven’t worn it in a year, get rid of it! You can bin it, recycle it, give it to charity or even sell it.

Use the weekend to plan

Use some time on a Sunday to plan for the week ahead which should stop you from buying excess food and cluttering your fridge and cupboards.


Forth Valley College are holding a Pre-loved Boutique Event on Friday 26th April between 11am – 1pm in the Falkirk Campus Main Hall. Donations of clothes, jewellery, and stationery items have been collected and will be given to students free of charge.

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