Top studying tips

With the exam period fast approaching, it’s important that you are feeling cool, calm and collected – well maybe not completely, but we can definitely help you feel more organised! We’ve pulled together some top tips to help you.

Make a plan – it’s very helpful to plan out exactly when you’re going to study. Print off a calendar and add in your exam dates too, this should keep you motivated!

Study every day – set out time each day to study, continually revising will help you retain the information instead of cramming it all in at the last minute. Remember, it’s important to take short breaks.

Take a quiz – get together with your class mates and quiz each other!

Not sure about something? Don’t spend your day worrying about it; get in touch with one of your lecturers. They’ll be more than happy to help you!

Look after yourself – it may be tempting to pig out on junk food when you’re studying but it’s very important that you eat well and get a good night’s sleep! This will help the brain function properly.

Exercise – Having a study break? Hit the gym or even just go on a walk, this will help you de-stress. Studies have shown that exercise is an excellent brain booster!

Don’t forget that you can use our campus LRCs if you’re looking for a quiet place to revise.

Good luck!