Stay safe this party season

Avoid waking up with regret the morning after...stay safe

With the Christmas holidays fast approaching, most of us are looking forward to catching up with friends and family and enjoying a few nights out.
However before you get your glad rags on and head out for some festive fun, please keep these tips in mind to ensure you stay safe and remember your night out for all the right reasons.
• Always have a plan for getting home – and keep money aside for your journey home. Keep it in a separate part of your purse or wallet if you can to make sure you don’t spend it at the bar!
• Always book a taxi from a licensed taxi firm or go to a designated taxi rank. If you call a taxi, make sure it’s the correct vehicle before you jump in.
• Avoid travelling alone if possible.
• If walking home, keep to well-lit busy areas. It’s also a good idea to walk facing the traffic so a car can’t pull up behind you.
• Don’t drink and drive. Scotland has also recently reduced its drink–drive limit so please bear this in mind the morning after too.
• Have your keys out and ready when approaching your car or home.
• Stick with your friends and don’t wander off with someone you don’t know
• If you’re drinking alcohol, make sure you don’t overdo it – pace yourself and have water or a soft drink in between alcohol drinks
• Never leave your drink unattended
• If you feel unwell or very drunk, let a friend know or contact a member of staff at the club or pub
• Avoid drugs including ‘legal highs’ – don’t risk your health or getting a criminal record
• Keep a close eye on bags and valuables – don’t leave your belongings exposed to potential thieves
• Stay alert at cash machines. Always hide your pin and put any money into your purse or wallet straight away.
• Personal attack alarms can be good but avoid carrying weapons and pepper sprays as these are against the law
• Always ensure your mobile is fully charged before leaving the house

Hope you all have a great Christmas – stay safe.