Stay on track with SDS

Careers Advisor Gillian Wilson

The Student Services Team are a great source of support and advice during your time at College.

However, students are also encouraged to access the careers service from Skills Development Scotland in order to keep them on track throughout the year.

Careers Advisers regularly attend our campuses at Alloa, Falkirk and Stirling in order to offer guidance to students on a variety of different topics.

So what can they help with? The ‘Fusion Team’ spoke to Careers Advisor Gillian Wilson to find out more.

The academic year has just started – what kinds of questions have students been asking?

Once the initial period of excitement and anxiety is over, some students may start to wonder if they’ve made the right decision coming to college. They may worry that they’ve made the wrong course choice or college might not be what they expected. We can help them to see the bigger picture and stay on track as well as reassure them that they’ve made a good choice if needs be.

What other advice do you offer throughout the year?

We can also help students find part-time work and we can signpost students towards seasonal opportunities at the moment with Christmas being just around the corner. We can help you to put together a winning CV and also provide tips on how to impress at interviews.

Come the Easter holidays next year, we’ll also be on hand to give students guidance relating to moving on from college whether you’re hoping to progress to university or start looking for a job. We’ll also be able to help if the end of session arrives and you’ve nowhere to go!

How important are your links with the Student Services Team?

Very! The advice and support we offer is inextricably linked – the Student Services will often refer students to us and vice versa. It’s important we work together to ensure students get the help and information they need.

How do we access the Careers Service?

Careers Advisors visit the college on specific days and times and you can book an appointment by contacting the reception desk at any campus. Currently we’re based at the Falkirk Campus on a Tuesday all day; the Stirling Campus on a Thursday all day; and the Alloa Campus on a Monday all day. Alternatively you can access lots of information and resources at our website