My Experience of ESOL at Forth Valley College

English; Learning New Language Writing Words on the Notebook

As a mature international student here in the UK, it has not been easy for me to go University and study nursing, as English is not my first language.

In order to secure a place at university, I had to demonstrate my level of English in four modules of Academic IELTS (International English Language Test System) and obtain a desired band score. Although I passed the exam, I did not achieve the university’s required band score for the Nursing course.

I still wanted to better myself and I thought there must be another way to get through the language barrier. I searched the internet for English classes locally and phoned English tutors (not ideal for me as I need a comprehensive one, I suppose). I ended up browsing the Forth Valley College website and then dropped in to college to get more information about the English course. Two interviews and assessments later I finally started the English course.

I have had a wonderful experience and met a lot of people whilst undertaking the ESOL for Employability course at the Falkirk Campus. New opportunities opened up for me and studying helped me realise what my passions are. I have learnt and developed new skills; this has helped bring my confidence back up.

Now, this is my 2nd year in College and I am studying a different course and in a new campus. I am enjoying my course, and will hopefully move on to a higher level when the opportunity comes.

Education is very important for me and I am very thankful for all the learning, help and support that are being provided to us as students.

Written by Cherry Lameg