LGBT+ History Month

LGBT+ History Month in the UK has taken place every February since 2005. It’s a month dedicated to encouraging further education into LGBT+ issues and promoting an overall safer and more inclusive society where the varied spectrum of sexuality and gender is universally accepted and spoken about openly.

At Forth Valley College we welcome students of all identities and encourage an inclusive culture that welcomes diversity.

As it is LGBT+ History Month we are taking this opportunity to raise awareness of our quick guide for staff and students, created in consultation with members of the trans community, which is intended to provide information to support students who identify as trans and non-binary. This guide also highlights the use of inclusive language and explores a case study within the College.

You can find our guide following the link below:

Transgender Guide

All of our campus refectories will be selling slices of rainbow cake to mark LGBT+ History Month and raise awareness amongst students and staff.

On the last Friday of the month, we will also celebrate Purple Friday – a day to stand against homophobia, biphobia and transphobia and show our support for LGBTQIA equality.

There are over 1,500 events across the whole of February and March this year, ranging from free seminars to poetry readings. Our Student Association will be organising something for the day so stay tuned!