Islamophobia Awareness Month

Islamophobia Awareness Month

Islamophobia Awareness Month (November) is a campaign held each year to raise awareness of Islamophobia and the many positive ways in which British Muslims contribute to society, as well as encouraging people to seek help if they, or someone they know, are affected by hate incidents.

What is Islamophobia?

Throughout the UK there are many different faiths and religions and most of the time people get along and are free to live how they choose. However, sometimes people are targeted because of their beliefs.

MEND identify Islamophobia as a prejudice, aversion, hostility, or hatred towards Muslims.

Nearly four-fifths of Muslims said Islamophobia is getting worse in Scotland, and 80 per cent said they have experienced it. Anti-Muslim prejudice is most commonly presented as verbal abuse both at work and on social media. Women who responded to the public inquiry commissioned by Holyrood’s Cross-Party Group (CPG) on Tackling Islamophobia discussed the fear of having their hijab removed in public; moreover, some said they were afraid of being accused of being terrorists in public spaces. Even children have reported feeling excluded from regular activities like sports events at school.

You can also find out more about how Islamophobia manifests itself in this exhibition by MEND here. The presentation highlights the positive contributions of British Muslims like Mo Farah, Nadiya Hussain, Sadiq Khan and many more, as well as showcasing the true scale of Islamophobia across society today.

Forth Valley College is proud to have a diverse learning community and we strive to ensure our campuses offer safe, inclusive learning environments. If you or anyone you know is being affected by hate incidents, you can find more information here.