Guest Blog: INEOS O&P UK on Apprenticeships

An employer’s point of view on Modern Apprenticeships – written by David East at INEOS, Communications Manager at INEOS O&P UK, FPS and Petroineos. 


The INEOS site at Grangemouth is currently undergoing a renaissance. Investment in the site since 2013 will soon reach £1bn – bringing in new feedstock, constructing new buildings and increasing manufacturing capacity. At the same time, we have removed dis-used plant and positioned the business for growth and attracting third party investments.

Hand in hand with our investments, there are a number of employment opportunities including those for Modern Apprentices. With an annual intake, and more than 70 currently in training across the refining and petrochemical complex, our apprentices receive first class training combined with unique experiences of working in the Sector.


So what do we look for in an Apprentice?

Duncan McIntosh, Resourcing and Development Manager provides an insight: “It’s important that candidates present themselves in the best possible light, even before we meet them. That means getting the ‘basics’ right: applications and CV’s that are grammar and spellchecked with all requested information given clearly. They must demonstrate they are keen to learn and have that ‘little something extra’ that perhaps extends beyond their academic qualifications.

“At interview, we will be looking for good communication skills, clear articulation in explaining their achievements and, obviously, demonstrating that they know something about our organisation. And of course for the roles and training they will be expected to undertake, candidates should be able to provide evidence of their hand-skills, describing something that they have made and how that was done safely, accurately and with an understanding of the end purpose of the item.

“We often refer to the Apprenticeship scheme as a ‘four year job interview’. Successful candidates are allocated an experienced mentor and supervisor to guide them through each step of the programme. In return, we expect a commitment from our apprentices: to work hard towards individual competences and qualifications as they achieve their SVQs; a strong work ethic and a positive attitude with a clear focus and understanding on the importance of safety in every aspect of their work.

If you are interested in developing your career with us, there is more information at


INEOS and Petroineos are holding an Open Day at their Exhibition Centre, Bo’ness Road on Thursday 6 December from 5.30pm-8pm for anyone interested in applying to their Modern Apprenticeship programme. Applications for the MA programme close on 31 December 2018.

To find out more about Modern Apprenticeships and what options are available to you visit

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