Fairtrade Fortnight

Everything you need to know about Fairtrade

Forth Valley College was the first college in Scotland to achieve Fairtrade status back in 2011 and we continue to sell Fair-trade products throughout our campuses and promote the Fairtrade ethos.

To mark Fairtrade Fortnight 2019 (25 February – 10 March), we have created a booklet which lists Fair-trade retailers across the Forth Valley area – in addition, it also includes some tasty Fairtrade recipes.

What is Fairtrade?

Fairtrade is the world’s largest and most recognised ethical certification system. It has a strong and active presence within the UK and is represented by the Fairtrade Foundation. Fairtrade certification encompasses a range of standards that help protect workers and farmers, altering the way trade works through better prices and improved working conditions. By purchasing Fairtrade products, consumers are connecting with the producers with the aim of reducing poverty through trade in developing countries.

10 Key Fairtrade Facts:

  • Scotland became a Fair Trade Nation in 2013
  • Clackmannanshire, Falkirk & Stirling have all got Fair Trade Town Status
  • 23% of Fairtrade farmers and workers are women
  • There are 1,411 Fairtrade producer organisations across 73 countries
  • Fairtrade products are now sold in more than 120 countries
  • An average coffee farmer lives on £1.37 per day
  • An average cocoa farmer live on less than 75p per day
  • Fairtrade chocolate accounts for 12% of total sales in the UK
  • There are currently 21,700 banana farmers and plantation workers in Fairtrade
  • Over £23 million worth of Fairtrade Premium was generated in sales in the UK

Why should I care about Fairtrade?

Through buying Fairtrade products wherever possible, you are supporting farmers and workers in developing countries to become more income secure and less vulnerable to poverty.

Investments made through the Fairtrade Premium also benefit the surrounding community and can result in improvements to everything from housing to medical facilities.

The Fairtrade Standards also promote training for farmers which covers key elements of environmental protection and advice in switching to more environmentally friendly practices helping to combat climate change.

A more fitting question would be… why wouldn’t you want to buy Fairtrade?

Our Fairtrade Brochure is available here now.

If you would like further information on Fairtrade at Forth Valley College you can email fairtrade@forthvalley.ac.uk

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