Encouraging Men into Early Learning Careers

Currently, in Scottish nurseries it is estimated that only 4% of the workforce are male, according to figures released by The Scottish Funding Council.

Times are changing – and for the better. We’re now seeing more men interested in working in childcare than ever before and this is definitely to be encouraged.

The discussion across the sector is that there is a need to encourage more men to undertake careers in Early Learning and Childcare in order to provide children with positive male role models as well as females and to show young boys that men can be interested in education, science, reading and various other interests as well as things that are stereotypically perceived as male.

The Scottish Government also recently announced its plans to expand free early learning and childcare provision by 2020. The expansion will nearly double entitlement to funded early learning and childcare from 600 to 1140 hours per year for all three and four year-olds, and eligible two year-olds.

The increase in hours has resulted in the need to recruit up to 11,000 early learning and childcare professionals, another reason to try and attract more men as well as women into these roles. In the Forth Valley area alone, they are looking to recruit up to 1,000 new workers.

Six reasons to get a job in childcare:

  1. You’ll teach children skills they’ll use for life
  2. It’s more than just a job – it can be a rewarding and satisfying career
  3. There is so much variety and you’re never stuck behind a desk all day
  4. It’s a secure job with great opportunities for progression
  5. You’ll often spend time outdoors or on an adventure
  6. You will be changing lives – yours and the children’s

If you enjoy spending time with young children and you’re passionate about helping them grow and learn – then you could have what it takes to work in Early Learning and Childcare. You can view our courses in Early Learning and Childcare here https://bit.ly/2OJAdtv