Beat the January Blues

Hello January

We’re all familiar with the blues that come with the month of January – where it seems like a huge effort just to crawl out from under your duvet in the morning!

The third Monday in January is officially the most depressing day of the year, being coined ‘Blue Monday’ and it’s not hard to figure out why – you’re bank balance has taken a hit from the Christmas presents and celebrations, the holidays are over, you’ve already broken all of your New Year resolutions and the weather is just downright grim.

We have a few pointers for trying to keep the January blues at bay:

  • Get some daylight

Sunlight affects the amount of serotonin you produce and this is lower in winter months often causing low moods in people, so get outside when you can or try and up your intake of foods rich in vitamin D.

  • Beware of the New Year resolution

Most of us focus on negative resolutions such as losing weight, or stopping certain habits – but try focusing on adding positives instead of punishment (you’re more likely to keep them this way).

  • Exercise

Although getting out of bed may be hard, you’ll benefit hugely from getting some regular exercise in January. Get those feel good endorphins on the go.

  • Get excited for the year ahead

Try planning some exciting things for the year ahead to get yourself geared up! Set some achievable goals or plan a holiday.

  • Rest and recharge

Since you’re more than likely penniless anyway, use January to rest and recharge, most people are exhausted physically and socially after December.

  • Try something new

January can feel a bit monotonous with getting back into a routine and having no money to spend on social activities. Try and mix it up by trying something new – a new hobby, volunteering or introduce a new activity to your routine.