FA View: New Falkirk Campus

First floor landing on our new campus

One of our Foundation Apprentices in Creative and Digital Media – Naomi Cordiner (17, Bo’ness) – gave her first impressions of the new Falkirk Campus. 

Walking into the new campus felt like a dream. Instantly, I was amazed by how spacious and easy the building was to access. After a quick tour, I noticed how stylish and modern the space looked with its grey and mustard colour pallete. The new campus feels like a happy space with potted green plants and generous windows. Three large courtyards allow students and staff to sit outside and get fresh air whilst being on campus. The building is very efficient by having flexible spaces where rooms can literally be folded away! Seating within many classrooms can be manoeuvred from a circle to an individual layout. This allows students to sit and work in groups as well as get on with individual tasks. There is a range of different seating including focus nooks that have built in charging ports. There is new equipment in the gym as well as a large outdoor space for fitness classes to take place. In the new building the heating is electronic so that if the building gets too hot, all of the windows open automatically. Overall, I believe that the layout, large windows, efficient heating and flexible spaces makes the new campus a happier, more efficient place to work and learn in.